American Birthday, Sox and Roadtrippin

I've pretty much been busy all week, because we had our spring break. My host parents went to China so I stayed at a friend's house. Last Friday we went to Fenway Park to see a Red Sox game. It was so much fun and the best part is that we won. The Park was pretty much full, there were soo many people. It was really great because it was a big community of people with the same interest that are there for the same reason. 

It's a shame that there's no baseball in Europe. In my opinion baseball is the greatest ballsport ever, because it actually requests brain.

Then on Sunday we drove all the way up to Maine to spend the day at a nice little New England town. We did some shopping and just enjoyed the beautiful buildings. Later in the afternoon we drove to New Hampshire where our hotel was. My friend and I mostly enjoyed the jacuzzi. On Tuesday we went to Connecticut to look at a college because my friend has to start applying to colleges next year. Since Connecticut is farther South it was already much more springlike than in Massachusetts. The grass was way greener, there were flowers and blooms everyhwere. We also visited two other colleges during the week, one in Massachusetts and one in New Hampshire. 

On Friday we did a trip to Newbury street in Boston, which is most likely the most beautiful shopping street in the universe. Boston's architecture is incredibly pretty. This city has so much charm, I personally think even more than New York City. It's not that big, nice parks and lots of green, and as I said, the architecture. I can't really explain what makes me like Boston so much, you have to see it yourself to know what I mean. 

Tomorrow we have to go back to school. I don't mind going back, because my school is actually fun. My host parents are coming back Monday night which means that I'll go home on Tuesday. I enjoyed staying at my friend's house alot but I'm already looking forward to seeing my host parents and my dogs again. And since it's getting warmer now I might even get to go swimming in the pond behind our house soon. 

I also got to celebrate my 18th birthday in the US which was a blast. My friends were so nice and everyone made this day so special. Nicole (she loves Frozen as much as I do) got me a Olaf balloon, so after school I had to walk to the parking lot with this huge balloon and I couldn't stop laughing. I invited my two best friends Carson and Nicole to stay over at my house. First we went for a walk with the dogs (and took a bunch of selfies). Later my host mum took us to my favorite pizza place ever. I didn't need a big party or anything special, but I still had a wonderful day. I mean, when will I ever get the chance to celebrate my birthday in an american High School again?

Spring is definitely here now. It's getting green out, flowers are appearing and I've seen some trees with blossoms. spring fest, prom and hopefully more Sox games are coming up :D

Don't forget to check out my new pictures, I just uploaded a bunch.

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Blizzard, Promdresses and February Break

It's been quite a while now since my last post.

A few weeks ago we had a snowstorm, it was a "historic blizzard" and a state emergency, so we were out of school for two days. And apparently we were lucky that we didn't lose power. 

There's still lots of snow, but it's supposed to get warmer tomorrow. I hope that the snow is melting soon because I can't wait for spring, winter has been long enough.

Since it's too cold to do anything spectacular I just spend time with my dogs or I go to my neighbor's, because they have a horse barn, which is fun too. I'm also working on my video for the STS video contest. It's going pretty well so far. 

Right now we are having a one week break. I stayed at my friend's house for a couple of days. On Monday we went promdress shopping. It's really hard to find the perfect dress, we spent like 4 hours in that one shop, but we ended up not buying anything. There are so many different kinds of dresses but I haven't found one that I really like yet.

We also went to the mall and ate at the cheesecake factory. I like going to malls, because it's warm and kind of more relaxed than "normal" shopping, and you can buy food everywhere (which is the best part).

Yesterday we visited Harvard, which was really exciting. We got a tour by a Harvard student and we learned lots of interesting and funny things about the University. We also got to see Harvard Yard, which is where the Freshmen live. It is such a beautiful place, looks a little bit like a small town. Harvard's buildings are super nice in general. (I'll post pictures later)

Now the Red Sox started with their Spring Training. The season starts in April and I can't wait. I already have my fanshirt and I'm learning all the baseball rules. 

By the way, we also won the Super Bowl against Seattle. Go Pats!!

Don't forget to check out the new pictures I just uploaded!


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MFA, School Dance and no snow

I've been back in school for a week now but today we have a day off because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It was a little warmer today and yesterday than it was the days before so I spent some time in the barn, which is good exercise as well because I don't really do any sports (because it's so cold out).

One of the last days of Christmas Break we went to the MFA in Boston. They are having a special Goya exhibit at the moment. It was an interesting thing to do, I got to see many great pictures and learnt a lot about his life.

Last Friday my School organized a Semi Formal Dance. They rented a nice place, we got free Ice Cream, Drinks and we even had a professional DJ. I had a great time with my friends and we spent a lot of time in the Photo Booth, taking as many pictures as possible. I have this box where I keep any kinds of memories, like photos, tickets,...

So now it's half time for me, I've been here for 5 months and I have 5 more left which is great, because originally I was only going to stay here for one semester but I love this place so much so I'm so happy that I can stay longer. I couldn't imagine leaving next week, because now I'm so used to everything here, the food, the lifestyle,...

Tomorrow the second school term ends and on Wednesday we are starting the third one. I really like going to school because I like my classes and my teachers and I just like spending time with my friends. After school we usually spend time in the library and that's where I've met most of my friends. 

Yesterday we went to church and I honestly really enjoy going to church here. My church is episcopalian and It's so different to my swiss church (which is catholic), it's much less conservative and more relaxed, the priest is a woman and it's more like a big family because everyone knows who everyone is and people talk to each other during mass. 

Some weeks ago they found a time capsule from the year 1795 in Boston. Among other things it contained a newspaper and coins. I think that's really exciting because a newspaper is a reliable resource to find out more about past times. 

Even though it's pretty cold here we don't really have any snow. But since Christmas is over now I can't wait for spring to come. But I guess I have to wait a little longer ;)

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Advent and Christmas

It's been a while since I did my last post, but I was pretty busy.

Yesterday was Christmas, and other than in Switzerland we celebrated on Christmas Day. In the morning we got the presents and afterwards we went to church. I like this church a lot, because it's not as conservative as the churches I'm used to, the priest is a woman and people make jokes and laugh and everybody is in a good mood.

On our way back home we obviously had to stop at Dunkin' Donuts. Because this is Massachusetts. Iced caramel coffee, regular (cream and sugar), the only way to go. At home we ate Egg Benedict, which is a tradition of my host family. Then soon my american cousins from Boston arrived. We enjoyed the very nice afternoon, went for a walk at the lake and on the golf course close to our house and visited the neighbor's horses. It was super warm, way too warm for Christmas. But it was nice not to be freezing for once. 

As usual I ate too much for dinner. But that's what happens when the food is so good. We had apple pie for dessert which was my favorite part. 

On Wednesday I watched "A christmas carol", which has been a tradition for many years. I watch it every single year on Christmas.

In the past couple of weeks we had two Christmas Performances in school. Since I'm taking chorus classes I also sing in the choir. We had an evening concert a few weeks ago and this Tuesday (yes we had to go to school on December 23) we had an assembly in the auditorium where we sang christmas carols. On Tuesday some teachers also organized christmas food and christmas music for us. There were cookies, cupcakes, cakes and much more. This turned out to be my lunch because it was so delicious.

Now I'm enjoying my break. Tomorrow we are planning to go to the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, which I'm already looking forward to. 

PS: Don't forget to check out my new pictures. 


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Last Thursday was Thanksgiving. We had lots of food. Cauliflower, mashed potato, mushrooms, cranberry sauce, turkey (even though I didn't eat that one), apple pie and much more. Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to spend a nice day with your family, talk, and enjoy the food. After lunch we went for a walk in the forest next to our house, and then we ate the pie. I'm already kind of addicted to pie, so I don't know how I will survive when I'm back in Switzerland :P Now it's not even a month until Christmas, which is really exciting, because Christmas is my favorite holiday. I can't wait.

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Mockingjay and Shrek

On Thursday I finally saw the third part of the Hungergames. Lucky me, I got to see it one day before it was actually released. I personally think that Mockingjay is the part one so far. It's very different to the previous parts. If you haven't seen it yet, you should call the movie's right now and buy a ticket, it's absolutely worth to see. I can't wait for the final part next year.

So my schools' musical group has been rehearsing "Shrek" since the beginning of the school year. Yesterday we went to see it. They did a great job, it was a lot of fun.

Next week is Thanksgiving Week, which means lots of food :D

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Lost in Boston?

Yesterday I went to Boston with some friends. We took the "Red Line", which is a train/subway. As we got out in Downtown we decided to get food, because we were hungry. So we wanted to go to that one specific place, but we didn't quite find the right way.

So we were walking around in Boston, as we got back to the place where we got out of the subway more than an hour before. We walked in a circle for more than an hour :D

So then we asked a random person where this place we were looking for was and she was like: "Just keep on walking down that street for like 10 minutes." So around two o'clock we finally got to that place, but it was totally worth it, cause the food was amazing. Or wicked good. 

I also took some nice pictures, which I'll upload soon, so you should check them out.

Next Wednesday is a half day, which is nice, and the week after the next week is the Thanksgiving week, so we have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off. And after that it's only about three weeks until Christmas. I can't wait.


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Random Stuff

So I guess it's about time to write a new blog article.

The second term started yesterday, so that means I've been here for about two and a half months. It feels like I had been here for much longer, there are so many things that seem familiar to me now.

I did a lot of fun american stuff in the last weeks. Today I carved my first pumpkin, we celebrated my friend's birthday, went shopping, had dinner in a japanese restaurant, I went to a game of my school's football team (still don't have a clue how that sport works), learned to cook french toast, had Pumkin Muffin from Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, we had "tea" in a supercute New England Tea Room, and much more.

On Tuesday the gubernational elections take place, that means the governors are elected. So I learn a lot about american politics in school. My school is really awesome in general, I couldn't have made a better choice. (The guys have to wear a tie with their uniform, which I think is really funny :P ). Everybody so kind and funny, teachers, students and all the other people who work there. I have interesting classes and I made some really good friends. I believe that as exchange student it is way better to have a few very close friends than a bunch of not so close friends. 

Oh and I almost forgot to write about the awesome bike trail we have in my town. It goes along the coast, it is a extremely beautiful place.

Did you guys know that "z" and "y" are switched on the american keyboard? At the beginning it was really confusing to write on american keyboards but now I always type the wrong letter when I use my own laptop with a swiss keyboard :P



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Update and Random Facts

So, it's been a while since my last post. Not a lot happened in the last few weeks, but everything's still great. 

Last week we went to Boston, to the JFK Library, again. This time we watched a politic debate, was pretty interesting, even though I'm not crazy about politics. 

On Wednesday we went to see a theatre in Boston. It was a funny version of a Shakespeare play, probably one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen!

So, since I don't have much to tell, I just write down some random facts about (my life in) Massachusetts.


- Classroom doors can't be opened from the outside, unless you have a key. 

- There's only plastic cutlery in the cafeteria.

- Since I live on an island I can see the sunset on the beach, what is usually not possible at the eastcoast. 

- Americans are kind and friendly

- Boston is a beautiful city, not too big and lots of trees.

- Basketball and Volleyball were invented in Massachusetts

- Sauerkraut and Kindergarten are the same in English

- School starts at 7.53





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Last Day of Summer

Summer's almost over, the leafs in New England are turning colorful, Indian Summer is coming.

And everything here is still great. Last week was Homecoming Week. We didn't have to wear unifroms and every day we had another theme, for example Cartoons and 80's. The Homecoming Dance was on Saturday. It was a lot of fun, everyone was in a good mood. I enjoyed it a lot. After the dance I slept over at a friend's house. The next morning her dad made huge banana-peanut-pancakes. They were delicious! 

The trip to the Mayflower and Plimoth Plantation was interesting. It's hard to imagine that more than a hundred people spent a month on the ocean in that not very big ship.

So, I'm having an awesome time and I'm so glad to be here and to do all these great experiences :)

Check out the new pictures.


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Commonwealth Museum, JFK Library and UMass

On Wednesday all the Juniors from my school went to Boston. In a yellow school bus. 

First we visited the Commonwealth Museum, it's about american history, and since Massachusetts is an important place in the U.S. history, we have to know something about it. In groups we had to answer questions and played games and quizzes.

Later we went to the JFK Library, which is just next door to the museum. We learnt a lot about Kennedy, we saw for example a camera which a debate was filmed with, a lot of videos, pictures, and a replica of a part of the White House.

We had lunch in the UMass, the University of Massachusetts. There were a looot of people and they were all older, so it was kind of funny. 

So, it was a very interesting experience and I enjoyed it a lot.

Today I had dinner with my host parents and their friend in a fish restaurant at a harbor. It was so beautiful, we also saw the sunset and everything was red, orange and purple. Since we live on an island we can see the sunset at the beach, even if it's the East Coast. (Check out the pictures.)

I'm really tired now and that's why I'm going to sleep :)

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Lake, Boston and Plymouth

The weather today is perfect, it's not as hot as the last days, but still warm enough to go swimming. Since our house is next to a lake I can go for a swim whenever I have time. But it's pretty hot in my bedroom, 80 degrees fahrenheit at the moment, and the air conditioner is running. They say the last two weeks were the warmest that summer. And it's September.

On Tuesday all the Juniors in my High School are going to visit the JFK Library in Boston. And in two weeks a trip to Plimoth Plantation and the Mayflower is planned. As you may know, Massachusetts is one of the Thirteen Colonies. The british Puritans crossed the Atlantic with the Mayflower (that's the ship) in 1620 and settled in Plimoth, today Plymouth. So, a replication of both, the Mayflower and Plimoth (Plimoth Plantation), was created. I'm already looking forward to it.




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Labor Day, second week of school and Church

So, today is Labor Day, that means no school. It's still warm so we enjoy the weather. Tomorrow the second week of school starts. What i forgot to mention in my last post: There's an american flag in every classroom. Every morning before classes start we stand up and first say a prayer (for example the our father) and then we face the flag, right hand on the chest and say a prayer for the United States. American mentality, which i really like.

On Saturday it was our hostfather's birthday, so we decided to cook for him. We made swedish mashed potatoe with cucumber salad, cranberry and meat balls. Fortunately he liked it a lot:)

Yesterday I went to church with my host family. It's totally different than church in Switzerland. The priester is a woman, the musicians are women, they make jokes, people laugh and they don't just talk about Jesus and God, also about current events on the earth or the environment. After mass people meet in another room (there's a lot of food :D ) and you can talk and have a good time. I usually don't go to church very often, but I really like this kind of church and I'm sure that I will go again.

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School and wicked hot

So, school started yesterday, and I like it a lot. I've already met a couple of cool kids and the teachers, the principals and all the other people are very very nice, there's always a good mood in that school.

My classes are french, art, religion, precalculus, american litearture, civics&law, US history and choir. I really like all of them. The good thing about it is that we are able to choose most of them. The stuff we learn is really interesting. But it's wicked hot here, like a million degrees, especially in the classrooms. For all of you who don't know: Wicked is like slang that adds emphasis, everybody in Massachusetts says it. Everybody, even teachers. 

Also the food in the cafeteria is good and as long as there's good food I'm happy ;) School ends at 2.35, which is great.

Next week all the tourists leave and then we will enjoy the beach and the bike trail, before Indian Summer begins. I'm already looking forward to that.

Lots of Love

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Martha's Vineyard, Vegi Buffet, Rhode Island and School Uniform

School starts next week, so we enjoyed the last few days a lot. On Thursday me and the italian exchange student went to Martha's Vineyard, one of the islands in southern Massachusetts. There are ferries which take you to the islands. It was a lot of fun, even if it was pretty hot. There was an awesome view, we saw all the pretty "New-England-Style-Houses" and lighthouses at the coast. Massachusetts is such a beautiful state!

We enjoyed the beach, discovered the town Oak Bluffs and of course we bought some souveniers. It was an awesome trip.

So, today we went to Rhode Island to get our school uniforms, because there's this special uniform shop. You get a form where you can see what your school requests, then you have to try on several sizes and models, you decide what you want, have to wait (because they stitch the school logo on the shirts) and then you receive your order. Usually. Unfortunately they ran out of the shirts we needed. So we have to wait until the replenishment arrives. But I have no idea what I'm gonna wear next week;)

I'm already looking forward to starting school. I've been there once last week to get my schedule and my iPad (every student gets an iPad, so we don't have to carry heavy bags), and they showed me the campus. It's huge. It includes a Baseball- and a Football field, a lobby (looks like a hotel) and of course every part looks the same, so I surely will get lost. The people there are totally nice. I'm sure this is gonna be a great experience.

Yesterday we had dinner at a local farm. They regularly organize vegi buffets. For me this was a heaven on earth :D Events like this are missing in Switzerland. 

The food here is very good in general, but that's probably because my hostfather is an awesome cook!

PS: Don't forget to check out the new pictures! :)


Nächste Woche beginnt die Schule. Die letzten Tage haben wir aber nochmal so richtig die Ferien genossen. Am Donnerstag ging ich mit der Austauschschülerin aus Italien nach Martha's Vineyard, einer unserer Nachbarsinseln. Nur schon die Fahrt mit der Fähre war super, auch wenn es sehr heiss war. Man hat eine tolle Aussicht auf die wunderschönen neuenglischen Häuser und Leuchttürme an der Küste. Massachusetts ist einfach ein so schöner Staat!

Wir haben den tollen Strand genossen, haben uns in dem Städtchen Oak Bluffs umgeschaut und natürlich auch ein paar Souveniers gekauft. Auf jeden Fall war es ein super Ausflug.

Heute sind wir dann nach Rhode Island gefahren, um unsere Uniformen zu besorgen. In Rhode Island ist nämlich dieser Schuluniformenshop. Man geht da hin, kriegt ein Formular wo draufsteht, was die Schule verlangt, probiert dann verschiedene Modelle und Grössen aus, entscheidet, was man möchte, wartet (weil die sticken das Logo der Schule drauf) und bekommt dann seine Uniform. Eigentlich. Nur leider hatten sie die Shirts, die wir brauchen nicht mehr. Jetzt müssen wir warten, bis sie welche nachbestellt haben. Zur Schule gehen wir trotzdem ;) Nur habe ich keine Ahnung was wir anziehen sollen.

Ich freue mich schon sehr auf die Schule. Ich war letzte Woche schon dort, um meinen Stundenplan und das iPad (jedem Schüler steht ein iPad zur Verfügung, dass man nicht alle Bücher mitschleppen muss) zu bekommen, ausserdem wurde mir das ganze Areal gezeigt. Es ist wirklich riesig. Sie haben unter anderem ein Baseball- und ein Footballfeld, eine Art Lobby im Eingang (sieht aus wie ein Hotel) und natürlich schaut jeder Gang genau gleich aus, so dass ich mich auf jeden Fall verlaufen werde. Die Leute dort sind alle total nett, ich bin mir sicher, dass es fünf tolle Monate werden.

Gestern waren wir zum Abendessen auf einer Farm in der Nachbarschaft, die organisieren regelmässig Vegi-Buffets. Für mich war das natürlich Himmel auf Erden:D Solche Veranstaltungen fehlen in der Schweiz.

Allgemein ist das Essen hier der Wahnsinn, was vermutlich daran liegt dass mein Gastvater ein megasuper Koch ist! 

PS: Nicht vergessen die neuen Bilder anzuschauen :)



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Finally here!

So, guess where I am... Hint: Massachusetts!

I've been here since a few days and I'm already in love with this place. The landscape is so beautiful and the people are very nice and friendly. 

I've already seen a couple of things. My host sister (unfortunately she left yesterday for college) showed me around in the town (we live outside of it). It is very pretty, with all these cute, little "british-style-buildings". The sales assistants are all extremely friendly, even much friendlier than back in Switzerland.

Yesterday we went to Boston. Even if I saw more subway than city, I like it a lot, it's very pretty. There are a couple of skyscrapers, but if you compare it with New York it's very small, and there's a lot of green and very beautiful buildings.

On friday evening we saw a Musical, Gilbert and Sullivan, played by several students from all over the United States. They were very good and it was a lot of fun.

Tomorrow in a week school starts, I'm already looking forward to it. On Wednesday the italian exchange student (who's gonna stay with the same host family) is arriving. I can't wait to meet her.

Oh and I started reading Harry Potter, which is really good. I've never actually been interested in it but now I really love it!


Ich bin jetzt seit ein paar Tagen hier und es gefällt mir super! Die Natur ist wunderschön und die Leute sind sehr nett und freundlich. Ich habe schon einiges gesehen, zum Beispiel hat mir meine Gastschwester (die leider gestern zu ihrer Uni geflogen ist) die Stadt gezeigt (wir wohnen etwas ausserhalb). Die Stadt ist sehr süss, mit diesen hübschen Häusern im britischen Style. Überall sind kleine Shops, Restaurants, Kaffees,... Die Verkäufer sind extrem freundlich, man wird überall gefragt wie es einem geht. Gestern waren wir in Boston, da meine Gastschwester von dem Logan Airport losgeflogen ist. Ich hab zwar nicht besonders viel von der Stadt gesehen, aber das was ich gesehen habe, ist wunderschön. Es hat zwar auch ein paar sehr hohe Häuser, aber im Vergleich zu New York ist es sehr klein, ausserdem hat es viel Grün und sehr schöne Gebäude.

Am Freitag haben wir ein Musical gsehen, Gilbert and Sullivan, gespielt von verschiedendsten Studenten aus den ganzen USA, die waren richtig gut und es war sehr lustig.

Morgen in einer Woche beginnt die Schule, was bestimmt aufregend sein wird. Am Mittwoch kommt die Austauschschülerin aus Italien (die bei der selben Gastfamilie wohnen wird wie ich). Ich freue mich schon sehr, sie kennen zu lernen.

Übrigends hab ich angefangen, Harry Potter zu lesen. Ich war eigentlich nie interessiert daran, aber jetzt, wo ich damit angefangen habe, kann ich nicht mehr aufhören:)


Demnächst werde ich auch einige Bilder posten, jedoch muss ich zuerst welche machen:)

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Gastfamilie, Vorbereitung und Gastgeschenke

Endlich kann ich es auch sagen: Ich hab meine Gastfamilie! Es ist tatsächlich so, dass es dann passiert, wenn man es am wenigsten erwartet, auch wenn ich mir ziemlich sicher gewesen bin, dass es bei mir nicht so sein würde.

Heute war einer der Tage, an denen ich nicht gleich nach dem Frühstück schon meine Mails gecheckt hab. Ich habe nämlich den ganzen Tag bei meiner kleinen Cousine verbracht (die eigentlich die Tochter von der Cousine von meiner Mum ist;)). Wir sassen gerade auf dem Sofa und haben uns über Sommerurlaub unterhalten, als ich eine SMS von meinem Dad bekam. Ich solle mal meine Mails lesen.

Die lang ersehnte Nachricht von STS.

Ich hab mich unglaublich gefreut, vorallem weil ich in dem Moment überhaupt nicht damit gerechnet hab.

Das blöde war nur, dass der Internetempfang ziemlich schlecht war und es nur schon ewig dauerte, bis ich die Infos zur Gastfamilie öffnen konnte. Dafür durfte ich umso länger gespannt sein und mich freuen;)

Ich hab mir zuvor zwar keine Vorstellungen zu meiner Gastfamilie gemacht, aber hätte ich es getan, würden sie von der Realität auf jeden Fall übertroffen werden.

Die Familie macht einen sehr symphatischen und netten Eindruck, sie leben auf dem Land auf einer Weihnachtsbaumfarm neben einem See, haben zwei Hunde und Vögel, was für mich so etwas wie die Sahne auf dem Kuchen ist, da ich zuhause keine Tiere habe. Ausserdem nehmen sie noch eine Schülerin aus Italien auf, also ein Double Placement, was ich total super finde. Ich freue mich jetzt schon sehr, sie endlich alle kennenzulernen:D

Jetzt kann ich mir auch über Gastgeschenke Gedanken machen. Schweizerschokolade muss natürlich unbedingt mit. Eine gute Idee fände ich auch den Vorschlag von STS mit dem Kalender mit Fotos von der Schweiz. Zum Glück hab ich ja noch etwas Zeit, um mir etwas auszudenken.

Vor meiner Abreise will ich mich auf jeden Fall noch (sprachlich) auf meinen Austausch vorbereiten. Ich denke Filme auf Englisch schauen ist auf jeden Fall eine gute Idee, deshalb hab ich mir mein Lieblingsserie auf DVD bestellt, um sie auch auf Englisch schauen zu können. Ausserdem bin ich auf die Idee gekommen, selbst erfundene Geschichten zu schreiben, dann kann man gleich die Sprache auch anwenden. Und dann natürlich Bücher lesen, Hörbücher hören,... Man hat ja da eine grosse Auswahl.

Ausserdem hab ich mir ein Heft gekauft, darin hab ich mir eine Packliste erstellt, alle wichtigen Nummern für die Reise und den Aufenthalt notiert und natürlich die Adressen von allen, an die ich dann Postkarten verschicken werde. 

Als nächstes steht dann der Termin bei der Botschaft in Bern an. Und dann geht es schon nicht mehr lange, und ich sitze im Flugzeug nach Amerika:D


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Pre-Departure Meeting

Gestern war endlich das Pre-Departure Meeting in Zürich. Mit meinen Eltern, meiner Freundin Sabine und deren Familie konnte man auch die zweistündige Zugfahrt problemos überstehen;)

Nach einem Seebesuch, Enten- und Schwanbeobachtung und einem leckeren Mittagessen in einem zürcher Spaghettirestaurant machten wir uns dann auf den Weg zum STS-Meeting.

Natürlich waren die meisten schon da, aber hätten wir nicht zu den Letzten gehört, wäre etwas nicht mehr normal gewesen:P

Nachdem alle mit Essen versorgt waren (wir Austauschschüler und unsere Familien wurden gastfreudig von einem leckeren Kuchen- und Früchtebuffet empfangen;)), konnte der Anlass auch schon beginnen.

Drei Retournees und die Verantworlichen von STS haben uns mit allen möglichen Infos zum Thema Abreise, Gastfamilie, Schule, Freunde, Hobbys, Handy,......überschüttet. Zum Glück steht die ganze Präsentation ebenfalls auf einem Stick, der uns mitgegeben wurde, so kann man alles noch einmal in Ruhe nachlesen;)

PS: Ausserdem haben wir einen Rucksack und ein T-Shirt in der STS-Farbe Gelb bekommen, was als Erkennungszeichen am Flughafen für die anderen Austauschschüler  dient.

Der ganze Anlass war sehr informativ, einiges wusste man natürlich schon vorher, aber es gab auch viele nützliche Tipps. Ausserdem konnte man sich mit den Retournees austauschen, die haben gern und viel über ihren Austausch erzählt. Das war eine gute Möglichkeit, um alle Fragen zu klären und Tipps für den eigenen Austausch zu erhalten.

So wie auch schon beim Interview im Herbst waren alle total nett und freundlich, man kann ihnen jede noch so blöde Frage stellen, sie helfen dir immer weiter. Ich kann mir wirklich keine bessere Organisation vorstellen.

Trotz grosser Vorfreude geniesse ich natürlich noch die Zeit zuhause. In zwei Wochen haben wir auch schon Sommerferien, und diese Zeit werde ich nutzen, um noch alles zu tun, worauf ich dann ein halbes Jahr verzichten werde;)

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Time in Boston


Hey everybody! My name's Anika, I'm from Switzerland and I'm an exchange student in Massachusetts, USA. I'm having a great time over here and if ur interested in my adventures ur welcome to read my blog :)